2021, 4 min
Music by Kim Harris 
Animation by Andrea Dorfman 
Every once in a while, I hear a song that stops me in my tracks. This was the case when I heard Heirloom by Kim Harris (kimharrismusic.ca) - the title track off of her latest album. It moved me to tears. Kim's voice is moving and strong and sumptuous and lofty. The entire album is a gorgeous dream - but there was something about that song... It created a flurry of images in my mind. Two years later, I finally had some time to manifest those images and now I'm excited to share with you the animation I made from them. It's a celebration of Kim's song and also of the power of collaboration because we're so much better together than alone ❤️ "Heirloom" the album is out now on LHM Records. Buy/Stream here

Song Produced by Daniel Ledwell Kim Harris - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards Daniel Ledwell - Guitar, Keyboards Michael Belyea - Drums Glen Leck - Bass Stewart Legere - Backing vocals Margot Durling - Backing vocals
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